Simplifying the Complex.

The regulatory environment for global trade has never been more complex or dynamic.

International trade regulations are becoming more complicated, and global enforcement efforts more concerted; trade agreements are less certain, and sudden sanctions or embargoes between nations are more frequent than ever. Understanding and complying with the rules and regulations governing export and import activities, sanctions and embargoes, antibribery and anti-corruption in the countries that you do business in is critical. Failure to comply with any of the applicable regulatory requirements can have severe consequences, including fines and penalties, reputational damage, and even criminal prosecution.

Increasing Actions Under the U.S. FCPA

11 companies paid just over $1.92B USD, and one Swedish company paying $965M USD of that to resolve FCPA cases in 2017.

Administrative Actions Under the U.S. EAR

52 administrative cases resulting in $692MM USD in administrative penalties in 2017—fines have been climbing since 2015.

Criminal Actions Under the U.S. EAR

31 individuals and businesses convicted, $287MM USD in fines, $166MM USD in forfeitures, and 576 months of imprisonment issued in 2017.

Everyone engaged in international transactions is responsible for compliance.

Whether you’re a small to midsized enterprise or a Fortune Global 500 company we’ve got you covered. Our trade compliance training platform was designed to address the unique business requirements and diverse training needs of companies operating in any industry or market. We offer a comprehensive library of trade compliance content covering ITAR, EAR, FCPA, anti-corruption, and other key regulatory regimes along with export, import, and sanctions and embargoes training for more than 20 countries.

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We've Got You Covered.

Our cloud-based platform is designed to enable you to deploy your trade compliance training program quickly, whether you have train ten or ten-thousand people in one location or dozen around the globe.

Cloud-based Simplicity

Deploy rapidly.

With our platform you can rapidly launch a comprehensive global trade compliance training program and start training your professional staff, trade compliance practitioners anywhere in the world.

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Flexible Learning Plans

Deliver role-based content.

Design and deploy learning plans to meet the individualized needs of your people based on their specific job functions and compliance responsibilities.

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Embed Your Own Content

Tailor to fit your standards.

In a few simple clicks you can embed company-specific guidance, policies, and resources to meet the needs of your organization.

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Intuitive Learning Model

Deliver compliance in context.

Our learning is designed to maximize the impact of each lesson by focusing on three essential variables, who, what, and how, highlighting the key concepts and scenarios related to each, providing compliance training in context.

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Compliance Certification

Acknowledge success.

Deliver branded course completion certificates to your people as they complete their required trade compliance training courses.

Robust Admin Tools

Ensure your success.

Leverage automation to deliver gentle reminders to your learners when they need a nudge to complete their learning plans and deliver detailed reports for executive leadership and auditors to demonstrate you’ve achieved your compliance training requirements.

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Comprehensive Trade Compliance Training Content.

Our library of up-to-date trade compliance training content is designed to meet the needs of your functional professionals and trade compliance practitioners. Using our intuitive curator tool, you can organize content to fit individualized needs based on roles and compliance responsibilities with a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can personalize the lessons even further by embedding company-specific content to ensure that your company’s standards of work are adhered to. And, by combining it with our engaging content based on industry best practices and current regulations, you can deliver a best-in-class trade compliance training program in minutes.




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ITAR, EAR, FTR, and Country Specific Modules

These modules provide role-based training on the regulations and enforcement agencies specific to each country and discuss the principal export control regimes of each jurisdiction: sanctions and embargoes, and dual-use and military controls.

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U.S. Customs Compliance, Global Customs Valuations, CTPAT, Country Specific Lessons

This training covers each country’s import controls regulations and enforcement agencies, classification processes, valuation methodologies, country-of-origin regulations, duties/tax assessment schemes, import prohibitions/restrictions, and appeal procedures.

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Sanctions and Embargoes

US and 21 Country Specific Modules

These modules address key sanctions and embargoes concepts and gives users an overview of the multilateral and unilateral sanctions and embargoes regimes adopted by each country. We offer additional lessons on the in-depth implementation and enforcement activities of each jurisdiction.

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Security and Trade

International Travel, Cybersecurity, NISPM, and SSA Modules

Further mitigate compliance risks by integrating lessons on security and trade topics into your training. The content covered includes topics such as cybersecurity, international travel, the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), security clearance, and special security agreements (SSAs).

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Corruption and Antiboycott

FCPA and UK Bribery Modules

Reduce your compliance risks by integrating modules on corruption and antiboycott into your training programs. Content covered includes antiboycott rules compliance, the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and the UK Bribery Act 2010.

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Companion Content

Unlimited Vignettes

A well-designed trade compliance training program incorporates continuous learning in the format of engaging vignette-driven micro-lessons designed to reinforce learning, introduce updates, and extend learning.

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The Business Advantages of Trade Compliance Training.

There are many business advantages to implementing a well-designed, role-based trade compliance training program for your workforce including:

  • International Business Is Increasingly Integrated
  • Enforcement Actions Are on the Rise
  • A Better Return on Investment

Would you like to discuss your compliance training needs?

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