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We’ve developed our professional collection to meet the trade compliance training needs of your sales, marketing, and engineering team members, as well as other professionals who are involved in international transactions or travel. Understanding export, import, sanctions and embargoes, and anti-corruption trade compliance regulations is essential to avoid fines, penalties, and reputational damage.

Using our platform, you can curate and assign complete learning tracks for your employees based on their specific job functions and compliance responsibilities. Draw from our comprehensive library of course material covering ITAR, EAR, FCPA, anti-corruption, and other key regulatory regimes, along with export, import, and sanctions and embargoes training for more than 20 countries.

If your organization already has a SCORM-compliant learning management solution in place, you can license our professional content collection and use it on your own platform.

Explore Our Professional Collection.

Cargo ship leaving US port with exported goods

U.S. Export Controls

Length: Approximately 3 hours 16 minutes
Cargo ship in motion with exported US goods

U.S. Export Controls: International

Length: Approximately 2 hours 53 minutes
Picture of people in hallway in Abu Dhabi

U.S. for Non-U.S. Personnel: Middle East

Length: Approximately 57 minutes
Woman Conducting Supplier Screening on Laptop


Length: Approximately 9 minutes
Ships at the Port of Oakland at Dusk

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

Length: Approximately 23 minutes
Pretty picture of US White House in summer

U.S. Sanctions and Embargoes

Length: Approximately 1 hour 55 minutes
Cyber Criminal Hacking Systems


Length: Approximately 13 minutes
US Dept of Commerce main entrance

Antiboycott Rules Compliance

Length: Approximately 28 minutes
macbook containing sensitive export controlled information

Technology Control Plans

Length: Approximately 28 minutes
Keyboard of macbook with export controlled sensitive data

Technology Control Plans: International

Length: 28 minutes
Nuclear radiation symbol on wall of building

Nuclear Export Controls

Length: Approximately 52 minutes
Picture of entrance 16 at U.S. Department of Commerce

U.S. Export Documents and Incoterms

Length: Approximately 49 minutes
international flags flying

Country-Specific Export Controls

Length: Approximately 1 hour
U.S. Government building at dusk

U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations

Length: Approximately 1 hour 10 minutes
US government building at dusk

U.S. Customs Compliance

Length: Approximately 2 hours 36 minutes
Woman evaluating goods for import

U.S. Import Valuation

Length: Approximately 13 minutes
International flags waving  in blue sky

Country-Specific Import Controls

Length: Approximately 1 hour

Country-Specific Sanctions & Embargoes

Length: Approximately 20 to 50 minutes
Travelers at international airport terminal

International Travel

Length: Approximately 10 minutes
Aerial photo of the Pentagon

National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual Training

Length: Approximately 19 minutes
Female CFO Keeping Export Records on Laptop


Length: Approximately 13 minutes
Woman taking CE security clearance refresher lesson

Security Clearance Refresher Training

Length: Approximately 24 minutes
The Pentagon building view facing the Potomac river

Special Security Agreement (SSA)

Length: Approximately 15 minutes
Beautiful picture of international shipping port at dusk

Global Trade Compliance Overview

Length: Approximately 37 minutes
Senior executive taking trade compliance course

Trade Compliance for Executive Leadership

Length: Approximately 37 minutes
Man taking CE functional awareness course on laptop

U.S. Trade Compliance Functional Awareness Configurations

Length: Approximately 35 minutes
International transaction conducted within the FCPA rules

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

Length: Approximately 34 minutes
International transaction conducted within the UK anti-bribery rules

The UK Bribery Act 2010

Length: Approximately 33 minutes
Female compliance officer working on U.S. Export documents

U.S. Export Documents

Length: Approximately 31 minutes
Cargo being shipped internationally


Length: Approximately 23 minutes

Continuous learning.

Effective trade compliance training for your professional staff shouldn’t be a one-time annual event – it should provide them with tailored microlearning throughout the year designed to reinforce existing knowledge and introduce new concepts to extend learning. Our collection of continuously updated microlearning content enables you to deliver the most effective trade compliance training program possible.

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