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The key to implementing a world-class trade compliance training program is to ensure it meets the exact needs of each learner and to reinforce that training on an ongoing basis for maximum comprehension and retention. Whether they are on your executive leadership, human resources, sales and marketing, engineering, or finance and accounting team, each role requires training that not only accounts for their functional role, but their specific compliance responsibilities and geographic location.

In order to provide you with the best trade compliance training solution, we’ve designed and developed our robust collection of companion content to expand on and illustrate the application of concepts introduced in our core professional and practitioner collections. This content library is designed to enable you to curate individualized, comprehensive training programs that are ideally suited to meet the training needs of your diverse workforce.

Our companion collection includes engaging and interactive vignettes and CENotes developed in collaboration with recognized content leaders and our global team of trade compliance and subject matter experts . You can subscribe to receive our microlearning lessons for a specific region, function, concept, or all of them (Global).

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Engineering schematics for classification

An Engineer’s Role in Jurisdiction and Classification (U.S. Engineers)

Sydney Harbor, Australia

Australia: Is an Export License Required?

Imperial Hofburg palace in Vienna, Austria

Austria: Is an Export Licence Required?

US Flag

Be Aware of U.S. Sanctions and Embargoes (non-U.S. Marketing)

Grand Place, Grote Markt, Brussels, Belgium, Europe

Belgium: Is an Export Licence Required?

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in twilight

Brazil: Is An Export Licence Required?

Frontenac Castle in Old Quebec City Canada

Canada: Is an Export Licence Required?

US and Canadian Flags

Classifying U.S. Origin Items (Canada)

Secure entrance to office space

Controlling Company Visitors Under a Technology Control Plan

Powerful motherboard that could be a deemed export

Deemed Reexport

US Flag at Department of Commerce

Extraterritoriality of U.S. Export & Sanctions

Beautiful picture of Helsinki in the summer

Finland Is an Export Licence Required?

Eiffel Tower in Paris at Dusk

France: Is an Export License Required?

Munich sunset, Bavaria, Germany.

Germany: Is an Export Authorization Required?

Protected military computers

Handling Temporary Imports of Defense Articles

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