Comprehensive Global Trade Compliance Content.

Role-specific Training Content.

When it comes to trade compliance training, one size absolutely does not fit all. The needs of your professional staff and trade compliance practitioners differ greatly, and your training content should reflect the individual members of your team. We’ve created two unique content collections that allow you to deliver role-specific trade compliance training.

Our professional collection of training content is designed to meet the needs of your sales, marketing, and engineering teams, as well as other professional staff members who are involved in international transactions or travel. This collection provides depth-appropriate, role-specific training on export, import, sanctions and embargoes, security and trade, antiboycott and anti-corruption regulations, along with microlearning lessons to reinforce learning and introduce new concepts after the initial training has been completed.

The practitioner collection of training content provides a deep dive into the best practices and procedures related to designing, implementing, and managing a comprehensive trade compliance program, including U.S. jurisdiction and classification, authorizations, authorization management, customs clearance, regulated activities, and advanced International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR) courses.

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The Professional Collection.

This collection has everything you need to provide comprehensive role-specific trade compliance training for all your professional staff members anywhere in the world who are involved in international transactions or travel, ensuring that they can conduct business compliantly and efficiently.

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The Practitioner Collection.

Designed to suit the specific training needs of trade compliance professionals, this collection presents the kind of in-depth, practitioner-level content required to ensure that they're prepared to address the complex, ever-changing international trade rules and regulations that companies face.

Context is Everything.

It is our fundamental belief that people learn more and retain more when lessons are delivered in a context they can relate to. And, when it comes to trade compliance, we believe that training must be based on each learner’s specific job function and compliance responsibilities. It’s the principle on which our company was founded, and, over the past 18 years, we’ve continuously refined and improved our learning model to deliver on our mission.

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Why Functional Training Matters.

There are many benefits associated with implementing targeted functional trade compliance training for your organization including:

  • It’s recommended by regulators
  • Delivers a better ROI
  • Drives higher levels of employee satisfaction
  • Creates a better culture of compliance

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