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Content Enablers Launches New Training Program

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY — Content Enablers, the global leader in online trade compliance training, today announced the release of seven professional-practitioner training modules. These modules build upon CE functional awareness training and are designed specifically for the professional who has additional trade compliance responsibilities.

Foundations of U.S. Export Compliance kicks off this training series by introducing the six primary areas of trade compliance addressed by a typical company under the primary U.S. trade control
regulations, including the EAR, the ITAR, and sanctions and embargoes administered by OFAC:

Authorization Management
This professional-level course on Authorization Management introduces users to the regulatory and best practice requirements for compliant management of authorizations under the EAR and the ITAR. Training includes identifying and complying with the scope of approved authorizations and provisos, recordkeeping and reporting requirements, and the monitoring and mechanics for amending and closing. As with other CE courses, Authorization Management allows for significant personalization using the CE Curator so that company-specific policies, procedures, and hyperlinks can be presented directly within the training.

This professional-level course introduces users to the types of authorizations available under the EAR and the ITAR for the permanent and temporary export and import of regulated hardware, technical information, software, and services. The course provides users with the foundation for identifying the appropriate authorization for their transaction, which may involve multiple authorization types, as well as different regulations, depending on the activity. As with other CE courses, Authorizations allows for significant personalization using the CE Curator so that company-specific procedures, forms, and other resources can be embedded directly within the training.

Customs Clearance
This professional-level course on Customs Clearance introduces users to the U.S. regulations affecting the shipment or transfer of regulated hardware and technical information through the
customs clearance process. Training includes the preparation of U.S. customs clearance documentation, decrementation, and recordkeeping under the EAR, the ITAR, the FTR, and CBP
regulations. The course highlights the different requirements for permanent and temporary transactions, transactions involving hand-carry scenarios, domestic transactions with foreign persons,
and shipments using government transport. Customs Clearance is designed to be personalized using the CE Curator to incorporate company-specific forms, resources, and policies.

Jurisdiction and Classification
This Level II course introduces users to the process of conducting jurisdiction and classification assessment under the EAR and ITAR Order of Review, discussing critical factors for consideration that are not always explicit in the regulations. These include at what level jurisdiction and classification assessment should be conducted, the differences between the philosophies of the EAR and the ITAR to keep in mind when reviewing products, analysis of pivotal definitions, and tips on reading the control lists. The course also covers best practices for documenting the jurisdiction and classification process. As with other CE courses, this course can be personalized using the CE Curator to incorporate company-specific tools, resources, and policies.

Regulated Activities
CE’s Level II Regulated Activities course provides users with a framework to identify activities regulated by U.S. trade controls by looking at end-use considerations, product type, activities performed within the U.S., and post-export activities. Specific issues discussed include screening destinations and parties to transactions, the permanent or temporary nature of activities, regulation of intangible items, and internal corporate activities such as foreign person employment. The course is designed to be personalized via the CE Curator to present company-specific policies and corporate messaging.

Trade Compliance Programs
This professional-level course introduces users to the elements of effective trade compliance programs and why they are critical to ensuring their company’s compliance with applicable regulations such as the EAR and the ITAR. The training outlines how to identify and investigate potential violations, as well as the regulatory requirements for notifying the U.S. government when violations occur. The course also addresses the consequences of noncompliance and the different types of compliance and enforcement actions available to the U.S. government. Finally, this course provides best practices for trade compliance programs. Personalize the CE Trade Compliance Programs course with company-specific policies, procedures, and other resources using the CE Curator.

“Training provides users with an understanding of how employees are impacted by and can affect trade compliance within their organization,” said Brad Kabanuk, president of Content Enablers. “As with all Content Enablers modules, the new professional-practitioner modules can be personalized using the CE Curator to present company-specific procedures and policies.”

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